HS-900 Series Nano-Ceramic Clear (HS-900 / HS-901 / HS-902)

HS-900 Series coatings are a high-performance ambient air cure group of coatings  designed to dissipate heat away from all electronics and their components (including circuit boards) while offering the added features of protecting from moisture, oxidation, and insect damage.  It also creates a covalent or chemical bond to the board and the components, creating a rapid pathway for the thermal energy to disperse.  HS-900 series are inert (benign) materials — when cured, they give off no odor or fumes when heated or as they age.

These Nano-Ceramic Clear Coatings effectively expel thermal heat rapidly to the surrounding environment.  It is a single component nano-ceramic clear thermal transferring coating that is electronically non-conductive and it surface highly hydrophobic , making it very resistant to moisture passage.

These thin film-free flowing coatings seek out pin holes and air gaps around solder joints, components and composite boards so that all surfaces are protected from oxidation and moisture.  These coatings are ideal for coating all electronics, their components, circuit boards, heat sinks, etc.  The various 900 formulations may affect the final film thickness, depending on application technique.

HS-900 Thermal Dissipating Clear Silazane Circuit Board Coating

  • Offers a micro thin 2-3 micron dry film that allows for easy component replacement and resealing.

HS-901 Thermal Dissipating Clear Silazane Circuit Board Coating

  • Offers an average dry film thickness of 5 microns, board component replacement is still possible, with care.

HS-902 Thermal Dissipating Clear Silazane Circuit Board Coating

  • Offers an average dry film thickness of 8 microns.  The added film thickness allows for faster thermal transfer and better water resistance at coated connections.

These VOC exempt solvent based coatings are designed to help transfer heat rapidly to the surrounding environment (air or liquid).  They are non-electrically conductive.  Formulations are clear to provide component identification, but they can be opaque in nature to obscure the identification of the components if required.  These products can also offer moisture and/or waterproofing protection for circuit boards if needed.  Application can be by spray, brush, or dip with ambient cure and short dry times.

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