HS-907 Nano-Ceramic Clear Coat (12-20 micron DFT)

HS-907 is a high performance, single component, ambient air cured thin-film Super-Slick product.  It helps reduce frictional drag, increase lift, increase speed and performance, and decrease fuel consumption.

This coating creates a covalent bond to the substrate, making it a permanent part of the surface.  HS-907 has extreme hydrophobic properties making it a “Super-Slick” surface that won’t retain water.

It helps prevent bonding of dirt, insect and other debris, snow or ice, etc. from treated surfaces.  HS-907 helps prevent oxidation of alloy metals and painted surfaces while allowing for easier cleaning.  The “High-Quality Gloss Finish” has extreme UV and chemical resistance.

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HS-907 Properties


Color Clear
Viscosity 16-18 sec. #2 Zahn
Percent of Solids 32%
Odor (liquid) Slight Solvent
Odor (cured) None
V.O.C. Exempt per CFR 51.100/regulation 8
RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Halogens None
Thermal Stability (cured) 1200 degrees F (648.8 degrees C)
Conical Bond (1/8 inch mandrel) Passed (ASTM D522-93a)
Cross cut adhesion 5B (ASTM D3359)
Coefficient of Friction 0.03 microns (ASTM D2047)
Specific Gravity 0.889 (ASTM D891-09)
Pencil Hardness 8h+ (ASTM D3363)
Average applied dry film thickness 12 to 20 microns
Est. Coverage Rate @ 3 microns 3400 sq ft / gal
Transfer to surrounding material Zero (0) transfer of contaminates
Dry to Touch (time @ ambient) 15-35 minutes (average)
Ambient cure (full properties) 45-60 minutes though more time is better
Available in MD (Medium Dry), SD (Slow Dry), or ESD (Extra Slow Dry) formulation