HS-1450 High-Temperature Thermal Insulating Coating

The HS-1450 is a Polysilazane-Nano-Ceramic based Thermal Insulating Coating that is formulated to resist temperatures of 2400F as well as direct flame exposure. Additionally, it creates a water resistant barrier to help better protect the substrate structure.

The coating is VOC compliant, non-toxic elastomeric material that once cured is very resistant to thermal pass through and has low to no smoke, flame spread or toxicity properties if exposed to direct flame. It is self extinguishing and has excellent adhesion properties to most materials, such as metal, metal alloys, composite surfaces, wood and most plastics..The coating has a smooth durable finish surface that resists abrasion and cracking, chemical attack from gas, oils and most chemistries. This insulation coating is ideal for aerospace and industrial us. The coating is dry to the touch (15 mil-20 mil) 30-45 minutes and cure time is (15-20) mil in 24 hours. Once the coating is fully cured it can be top coated to comply with military or other specifications or for visual aesthetics.

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