Huntington Specialty Materials is the exclusive distributor of a family of polysilazane and nano-ceramic based high-performance coatings and resins that are very different from any others on the market. Our new technology and different chemistry has become the basis for our family of superior products.

Each of our polysilazane/nano ceramic based specialty coatings and resins described in this website has been specifically designed and formulated to provide the maximum benefits and highest performance possible for the intended application.

In addition to the specific benefit for which a coating and resin was formulated, they were all designed and formulated to resist corrosion and oxidation and  are V.O.C exempt, and  UV and chemical resistant.  All of our coatings and resins are chemically designed to create a covalent bond to all ferrous, non-ferrous alloys (i.e., titanium), composites, semi-rigid and flexible plastic alloys, and others.  A covalent bond extends the life of the part and reduces the need for constant maintenance.

All of the coatings described in this website are designed and formulated to provide the same benefits when applied to all substrates including composites, metals, ferrous, non-ferrous alloys, plastic alloys as well other substrates.

Each of our coatings and resins were formulated and designed for a particular application and fall into one of the following groups:

  • High-Performance High-Temperature Resin Systems
  • Primer Coatings — Corrosion Prevention / Resistance & Adhesion Promoters
  • High-Temperature Coatings
  • Heat Dissipating Coatings
  • Mold Release & Sealants 
  • Protective Sealer Coatings
  • Water Repellent
  • Clear Ceramic Coatings

This website contains a full description of each coating and resin as well as a properties list containing chemical, technical and additional important  information.