About Us

Huntington Specialty Materials is a totally independent American company that is the exclusive distributor of the U.S.-made polysilazane and Nano-Ceramic hybrid-based specialty industrial and commercial coatings and resins described in this website.

All of our coatings and resins are designed and formulated for specific applications including a protective coating when extreme high temperature is a consideration. Other coatings and resins include

  • High-Performance High-Temperature Resin Systems
  • Chromate-free primer coatings designed for uses when corrosion protection is off utmost importance
  • Nano-Ceramic Adhesion Primer designed to create an intrinsic bond to difficult surfaces
  • Clear Silazane series of Circuit Board coatings designed to dissipate heat from electronic boards and components as well as protect from moisture
  • Nano Ceramic Clear Coat which offers a super non stick surface that repels the attachments of  marine organisms, exhaust grime and others and reduces friction
  • Solid Tome Coating for Abrasion and high temperature and flame resistance
  • Nano Ceramic Clear Tool Release and Sealer coatings
  • Mold Release for Gel-Coat
  • Special Uses

All of our coatings and resins are made in the Unites States of America.