HS-1220 High-Temperature Resin System for Manufacturing Composites

Our HS-1220 is a Polysilazane Precursor Matrix dry powder high-performance and high-temperature resin system. This resin is designed and formulated for manufacturing composite & CMC type projects that need to take excessive heat while maintain structural integrity and strength. Operating service temperatures can vary dependent on the cure cycle used during the composite components creation and the fiber reinforcement used.. When cured in an “inert atmosphere” a silicon oxycarbide ceramic is formed offering up to 1221C/2230F air service temperature.  A 150 to 200C “air cured” offers a maximum air service temperature of 600C/1112F.

HS-1220 has unique advantages in that composites can be formed using; Hot Press-Forming, Compression Molding, Injection Molding or Pre-Preg processing, etc.

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