HS-745 Fire-Resistant Surface Coating

This  coating is very resistant to direct flame of 2000°F +, has a low to no flame spread, is self-extinguishing and virtually waterproof.  The material has excellent adhesion properties to most materials such as metals, composite surfaces, wood and most plastics.

HS-745 offers sound and thermal properties less weight gain for the same applied thickness.  It may be applied in layers to create a higher film build, for increased sound and thermal properties as required.  This  coating also displays a durable, tough, slight textured finished surface that resists abrasion and cracking, chemical attack from gas, oils and most other chemistries.

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*** Specification approvals:

  • Meets or exceeds Section 10 of the IMO Resolution A.653(16) and Resolution MSC.31(67) for flammability and Toxicity.
  • U.S. Coast Guard Approval No. 164.106/41/0; 164.112/141/0; 164.117/40/0
  • European Union Approval No. 1408/11

HS-745 Properties

Color off white or grey (standard)
Odor no odor once cured
Density 1305 kg/m3
Percent of Solids approx 73%
Viscosity 9,00 cps (average)
Flash point >200 degrees F
Noise dampening excellent
Flame contact non-flammable & self-extinguishing
Coverage rate 30 sqft @ approx 40 mil
Clean-up water while wet