HS-910C Nano-Ceramic Polysilazane Clear Coat

HS-910C “Higher Solids” Nano-Ceramic Polysilazane Clear Slick-Coat that is ideal for top coating wind blades where high-performance and less drag is desired.

It is a high-performance, ambient air cure, clear hydrophobic super-slick product.  It produces a covalent bond to the substrate creating and intrinsic bond to surface.  HS-910-C has excellent UV resistance, super high gloss, and is easily cleaned and maintained.

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HS-910-C Properties

Color Clear
Solids 32%
V.O.C. Exempt per CFR 51.1 / regulation 8
RoHS Compliant
Halogens None
Cross cut adhesion 5B (ASTM D3359)
Coefficient of Friction 0.03μ (ASTM D2047)
Pencil Hardness 9h+ (ASTM D3363)
Average applied dry film thickness 5 to 15 microns
Estimated Coverage Rate(@ 5 microns) 2,600 sq./ft. per gallon
Dry to Touch (time @ambient) 15 – 25 minutes (average)
Ambient cure (full properties) 5 days

HS-910C is a Polysilazane Nano-Ceramic Clear that, when applied correctly, offers an unparalleled super-slick, non-stick surface that repels the attachment of dirt, debris, bird and insect residue, grime, water, and ice, etc.

For proper application of the HS-910C Nano-Ceramic coating material, the intended
surfaces, (metals, plastics or coatings), must be clean and free from oils, dirt and any other previous contaminants that may have been on the surface.

HS-910C is normally used as a top-coat over Gel-Coat or other rigid or hard surfaces where one application is all that is necessary to seal the surface (such as good quality Gel-Coats, previous coatings, clean metals, etc.).

  • Hand wipe: Apply HS-910C with a dampened “mohair roller/pad” in a straight linear motion, continue, slightly overlapping over the previous area, “wet-on-wet” to cover all of the intended surface.
  • Spray application: HS-910C can be spray applied as well, via HVLP or electrostatic spray equipment (if personnel are qualified and understand the product film thickness and flow-out properties).

Note! It is strongly suggested to practice on a small test area or surface to be sure the application technique is understood before starting on a large expensive surface or other valuable item.

Application method should be started at a corner or edge, working across the entire
surface, until complete coverage is complete.

Allow the HS-910C to dry to the touch (dust free – approx. 25-30 minutes ambient)

  • Usable ambient cured properties are obtained in approximately 12-24 hrs after application at 28°C/79°F or higher temperature though the coating is not totally cross-linked until after 5 days at ambient temperatures.