HS-910 Nano-Ceramic Clear Coat

HS-910 is a Nano-ceramic clear coat that offers an unparalleled super-slick, non-stick surface that repels exhaust grime and ice.  It is ideal for aircraft and marine surfaces.

This is a ready-to-apply high-performance clear coating, offering a cured surface that is very hydrophobic, super slick, and tough product.  There is no need for a separate primer system as it is self-priming.  HS-910 has exceptional corrosion, chemical, and UV resistance and an extremely low coefficient of friction.

This coating is an inert material when cured and will not contaminate surrounding waterways.  Is has excellent UV resistance, super high gloss, and easily cleaned and maintained.

This product is also available in a higher solids nano-ceramic clear slick-coat especially designed for wind blades and aircraft surfaces where high performance and less drag is desired.

It is available in a variety of “Dry Times” for varying weather conditions:

  • HS-910-MD:  Formulated with a blend of “Medium Dry” solvents
  • HS-910-SD:  Formulated with a blend of “Slower Dry” solvents
  • HS-910-ESD:  Formulated with a blend of “Extra Slow Dry” solvents

HS-910 is a nano-ceramic clear that, when applied correctly, offers an unparalleled super-slick, non-stick surface that repels the attachment of marine organisms, exhaust grime, ice, etc., helping to reduce maintenance, friction, and associated drag.

This high-performance, high solids nano-ceramic creates a super slick, hard, long-lasting, hydrophobic clear finish that offers extremely reduced drag in water or air and an added value of great UV protection for underlying paints or Gel-coat finishes.

  • Marine – Excellent for above and below the water line, can be applied directly over good quality Gel-coat or most other well-cured marine finishes.  These nano-ceramic finished greatly reduce the ability of marine organisms to bond to a treated hull, out drive, or other underwater surfaces, and it is toxic free.
  • Aircraft – This product is excellent for top coating the horizontal and vertical exterior surfaces of aircraft, providing a decrease in drag, less potential for ice bonding, and easier bug and dirt removal as well as UV protection.  It creates a covalent bond to well-cured paints, polish metals, plastics, acrylic windscreens, anti-icing rubber boots, etc.
  • Industrial transportation and land-based equipment – This coating provides a heave-duty, easy-to-clean, tough clear coat that seals and protects against corrosion, UV damage, graffiti, and chemical resistance, leading to an extended useful life.

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HS-910 Properties


Color Clear
Viscosity 16-18 sec. #2 Zahn
Percent of Solids 32%
Odor (liquid) Slight Solvent
Odor (cured) None
V.O.C. Exempt per CFR 51.100/regulation 8
RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Halogens None
Thermal Stability (cured) 1200+ degrees F (648.8 degrees C)
Conical Bond (1/8 inch mandrel) Passed (ASTM D522-93a)
Cross cut adhesion 5B (ASTM D3359)
Coefficient of Friction 0.03 microns (ASTM D2047)
Specific Gravity 0.889 (ASTM D891-09)
Pencil Hardness 9h+ (ASTM D3363)
Average applied dry film thickness 5 to 15 microns
Est. Coverage Rate @ 3 microns 3600 sq ft / gal
Transfer to surrounding material Zero (0) transfer of contaminates
Dry to Touch (time @ ambient) 15-25 minutes (average)
Ambient cure (full properties) 5 days