HS-906 Nano-Ceramic Clear Coat (8-12 micron DFT)

HS-906 is a high performance, single component, ambient air cured thin-film Super-Slick product . This is the perfect coating to protect and maintain aircraft windscreens on the ground or during operations.

This coating creates a covalent bond to the substrate, making it a permanent part of the surface.  It has extreme hydrophobic properties making it a “Super-Slick” surface that won’t retain water.

HS-906 helps prevent bonding of dirt, insect and other debris, snow or ice, etc. from treated surfaces.  It helps prevent Oxidation of alloy metals and painted surfaces while allowing for easier cleaning.

This product is normally applied directly onto surfaces where a Super-Slick Ceramic finish is desired to help reduce frictional drag.  HS-906 is a thin film coating applied at approximately 8-12  microns dry film thickness, helping to reduce the overall weight gain of heavier film coatings.  It may be applied by HVLP spray or fiber type linear pad.

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HS-906 Properties


Color Clear
Viscosity 16-18 sec. #2 Zahn
Percent of Solids 28%
Odor (liquid) Slight Solvent
Odor (cured) None
V.O.C. Exempt per CFR 51.100/regulation 8
RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Halogens None
Thermal Stability (cured) 1200+ degrees F (648.8 degrees C)
Conical Bond (1/8 inch mandrel) Passed (ASTM D522-93a)
Cross cut adhesion 5B (ASTM D3359)
Coefficient of Friction 0.03 microns (ASTM D2047)
Specific Gravity 0.889 (ASTM D891-09)
Pencil Hardness 8h+ (ASTM D3363)
Average applied dry film thickness 8 to 15 microns
Est. Coverage Rate @ 3 microns 3600 sq ft / gal
Transfer to surrounding material Zero (0) transfer of contaminates
Dry to Touch (time @ ambient) 15-35 minutes (average)
Ambient cure to handle 45 to 60 minutes (average)
Ambient cure (full properties) 5 days
Available in MD (Medium Dry), SD (Slow Dry), or ESD (Extra Slow Dry) formulation