HS-938 Clear Protective Sealer Coat

HS-938 is a high performance, ambient air cured product that is easily applied by a simple wipe-on application. The product creates a covalent and permanent bond to most any substrate.  HS-938 is able to fill and seal the micro-pores and cracks of any substrate with an extremely tough high temperature resistant material that becomes a slick-thin dry film lubricating coating that works in conjunction with or without the use of oils making it ideal for combustion, turbine, and jet type engine components.

It helps to prevent oxidation of substrate materials and it is also very corrosion resistant, has hydrophobic properties and offers great UV protection to most any substrate it is applied to, helping to lengthen usable life spans. HS-938 Clear Sealer can be applied as a stand-alone or a clear top-coat material to protect and improve performance of all types of cured paints, coatings, plastics, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals and composite parts, and structures.  HS-938 may be re-applied if the need ever arises.

HS-938 is a very corrosion and chemical resistant, UV, and weather resistant  material.

Substrates but not limited to:

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys, most plastics, cured paints, epoxies.
  • It may be buffed into the walls of tubular cylinders or inserts, to create a slick lubricated surfaces that will that will reduce possibility of corrosion and galling.
  • It may be applied to springs of all types and sizes, without fear of peeling or chipping.
  • It may be applied to all threaded devices, regardless of thread size or pitch to prevent galling, without changing tolerances.

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HS-938 Properties:


Color Clear
Viscosity 16-18 sec. #2 Zahn
Percent of Solids 18%
Odor (liquid) Slight Solvent
Odor (cured) None
V.O.C. Exempt per CFR 51.100/regulation 8
RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Halogens None
Thermal Stability (cured) 1200+ degrees F (648.8 degrees C)
Conical Bond (1/8 inch mandrel) Passed (ASTM D522-93a)
Cross cut adhesion 5B (ASTM D3359)
Coefficient of Friction 0.03 microns (ASTM D2047)
Specific Gravity 0.889 (ASTM D891-09)
Pencil Hardness 8h (ASTM D3363)
Average applied dry film thickness 2 to 5 microns
Est. Coverage Rate @ 3 microns 4200 sq ft / gal
Transfer to surrounding material Zero (0) transfer of contaminates
Dry to Touch (time @ ambient) 15-25 minutes (average)
Ambient cure (full properties) 5 days
Ambient cured properties normally exceed those of oven cure
Oven cure (convection type-airflow) 350 degrees F 30 minutes (part temperature)