Monocrystalline Structure Diamond Powder

Both Resin and Metal Bond System Diamonds, are offered in a variety of grades and sizes, along with the mesh sized Diamonds of different hardness.  All in compliance with the US Bureau of Standards.  The resin bond system diamonds, are also avail in copper and nickel coatings.

Our Monocrystalline Synthetic Diamond Powders come directly from our manufacturing plant.  Our technology allows the production of different grades of Diamonds to suit most applications.

Very strict process control insures consistent premium quality Synthetic Diamond Powders.  The Resin and Metal Bond System Diamonds are available in a variety of grades and sizes, along with the mesh sized Diamonds of different hardness, all in compliance with the the US Bureau of Standards.  The Resin Bond System Diamonds are also available with copper and nickel coating.

Metal Bond Diamonds are best suited for abrasive wet and dry super finishing and lapping of nonferrous metals, non-metallics and composite materials, such as Tungsten Carbide, Titanium alloys, Glass, Ceramics and Cermets.  They are also well suited for honing and polishing die steels and cast irons, metal plating of Diamond tools, dressing and truing Silicon Carbide grinding wheels.

Technical Data

Appearance (dry state): Color Resin Bond – Gray, Metal Bond – Yellow
Chemical composition: Carbon up to 99%
Physical data: Atomic Number 12.0111
Hardness 10,000 kg/mmα²
Mohs Hardness @ 20 ͦC 10
Density 3.52 g/cm ³
Oxidation temperature in the open atmosphere at heating rate 50 ͦ F/min: 1,790 ͦ F (977  ͦ C)
Boiling Point ( ͦ C) 4827 deg. C
Thermal Conductivity 20 W/cm-K
Specific Heat @ 25 deg. C 0.165 cal/g
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 0.0000011/K
Dielectric Strength: 10,000,000 V/cm
Crystallography hexagonal

 Resin Bond / Metal Bond

Resinoid BondAbrasive Diamond Wheels Metal BondAbrasive Diamond Wheels
Our Resin Bond Diamond powders are dark gray in color, and have medium hardness and friability index.  Resin Bond Diamonds are most suitable for use in the resinoid bond abrasive wheels, operating in wet or dry applications.  Resin bond wheels are more forgiving resulting in a better finish. Our Metal Bond Diamond powders are harder and tougher than resin bond powder and made for use in metal bond diamond wheels.  Metal bond diamonds will meet the demands of harder working conditions.  They are used in metal bond wheels for grinding of Quartz, Ceramics, Sapphires and other hard materials.