Boron Carbide Nuclear Radiation Shielding

Boron Carbide is the preferred material for Nuclear Radiation Absorption because it offers a high concentration of Boron Atoms.  We offer a wide variety of appropriate products to meet most applications associated with Nuclear Radiation Absorption, such as the following:

  • Boron Carbide powder as radiation shielding component in composite material formulations
  • Cement and Concrete Mixes MMC (Metal Matrix Compounds)
  • Boron Carbide enhanced paints with Boron Nitride content up to 5%
  • Construction and machinery irradiation impact reduction
  • Boron Carbide enhanced coatings with Boron Nitride content up to 20%
  • Temporary or permanent reduction of radiation pollution level
  • Boron Carbide enhanced aluminum sheets and fabricated products with B4C content up to 25%
  • Containment of radioactive source
  • Most durable product
  • Custom designed Boron Enhanced products